#3 Why Plant: Fruitful

The Lutheran Church Planter
The Lutheran Church Planter
#3 Why Plant: Fruitful

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  1. Sam Crager

    I’ve just listened to the three podcasts you’ve thus far produced, and all of them are so eye-opening. Episode three was especially interesting and helpful.

    My wife and I are (still) new to the AFLC (about 2 1/2 years, having been life-long attenders/members of another evangelical denomination). We’re in our mid-to-late 70s and frankly don’t have the energy and drive we once had, but I so appreciate knowing that the AFLC takes evangelization and growth so seriously.

    One comment about episode three: early in the podcast the subject of revitalizing older established churches was mentioned, but nothing further was talked about. Perhaps you can talk more in a future edition about this situation. In talking about older, but declining, churches, one advantage such churches have over brand new plants is that they usually have a building already, generally paid for (although probably rather old, maybe fairly run-down). But, they’re there in the community already. They just need (perhaps) new blood, and new vision.

    Maybe grist for another podcast.

    Thanks again!


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